So Hungry! Growing eaglets, growing appetites!

DN17 and DN18 turned three and two days old yesterday! The eaglets aren’t ready wander the nest just yet, but it was fun to see them popping their little periscopes up from beneath DNF and Mr. North’s feathery coverlets.

Did the dynamic duo get enough to eat? Our camera operators recorded seventeen feedings from DNF and five from Mr. North. DN17 ate 14 times and DN18 ate 12. I’m surprised they could left their heads for more food by the end of the day! Our Facebook video shows a relatively peaceful feeding, but the rockem’ sockem kids were brawling this morning: Multiple meals and beak-a-thons help the eaglets gain weight and build muscle and coordination – a big part of development in their first week! If you’d like to see even more videos, visit our 2024 YouTube playlist:

I need to issue a correction regarding N2BMG, the female goose nesting in N2B. I thought she laid her sixth egg on the March 25: five in the nest and one that rolled out. But I was looking at the wrong picture! N2BMG has laid five eggs so far and could lay another one tonight. Thanks to LisaB and the rest of the squad for the correction!