Hatch fundraiser: Any donation in any amount helps!

Join us for our hatch fundraiser on Saturday, April 6! We’ll be chatting on the North Nest channel from 9 AM to 11 AM, 2 PM to 4 PM and 6 to whenever we stop as we celebrate Decorah North, where DN17 and DN18 will be turning 12 and 13 days old; Trempealeau, where we hope to have a brand new hatchling; and Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain nest, which should begin hatch around April 10. We know that not everyone who watches can give, but any donation in any amount helps us meet our mission of education, conservation, and research: https://www.raptorresource.org/support-the-raptor-resource-project/make-a-donation/.

If you are reading this, you’ve watched our Bald Eagle cameras and you know what a marvelous year it’s been so far. But beyond the cute overload – and DN17 and DN18 are so cute! – we research bald eagle, golden eagle, and peregrine falcon migration and habitat use, help organizations around the world monitor and care for threatened and endangered birds, and work with companies and cities to create and improve habitat for nesting raptors in industrial/urban locations. We are the premiere source for watching birds of prey online, but that is just a small part of our work.

  • We annually monitor over 50 Peregrine Falcon nests in three states for our Peregrine Falcon banding program, which runs from February through July.
  • We’re tracking Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles to answer questions about their winter and summer grounds, migration route timing and fidelity, familial ties, body burdens of lead and mercury, and HPAI antibodies.
  • We operate two autumn banding stations, one in cooperation with Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. At least six interns a year help us capture, assess, and band hawks: an experiential learning experience that lasts a lifetime!
  • We offer an eagle education program free of charge to provide lesson plans and information rooted in conservation and environmental education.

Our eagle and falcon streams have also built a community that cares deeply and passionately about birds and their habitat. Fans have taken on banning or reducing the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle, getting involved in raptor education and rehabilitation, advocating for (and providing!) raptor safe perches on power poles, and supporting habitat. Connections matter: together, we are working towards a brighter, more sustainable future for wildlife and wild lands. But we can’t do it without income, and your donations provide the majority of our funding.

Thank you so much for your support. Your donations are building a world where birds of prey soar freely and abundantly. Want to know more about our work? I’ve put together a video playlist that shows some of what we’ve done since we began in 1989!

We’re also happy to answer your questions and I’m looking forward to chatting with everyone on Saturday! – Amy