May 15: Peregrine peeps and vulture hatch!

It’s that time of the year – we’re on the run and peregrine peeps are popping out all over! The nestbox at Xcel Energy’s Allen S. King plant – the place our utility peregrine program began! – is especially cute: (and scroll down the page) or

May 14, 2024: Peregrine Falcon hatchlings at Xcel Energy's Allen S. King plant
May 14, 2024: Peregrine Falcon hatchlings at Xcel Energy’s Allen S. King plant

We’re anticipating hatch at the Missouri Turkey Vultures on or around May 22:…/missouri-turkey-vultures/. The bits don’t have a syrinx, so they vocalize by hissing but also use non-vocal sounds like foot stomping and wing-flapping. The hatchlings look like big puffballs once they dry off – so cute! – and their nest life is different enough from eagles and falcons to make watching very intriguing. They prefer to nest in the dark, so this camera relies on IR light and we don’t get to see them in color until they are old enough to venture out of the nest. Vultures don’t have a reputation for being beautiful, but I think they are gorgeous when we see them in the sunlight.

I’m trying to archive fan videos on our youtube channel playlists but the best place to keep up with news from our nests during banding season is the North Nest and Flyway chats on our web pages:

It’s the most wonderful time of the (bird) year! Thank you so much for watching with us and we hope you are enjoying them as much as we do!