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2020 Newsletter: Message from the Director

2020 Newsletter: RRP Director John Howe

Read the 2020 Newsletter | Download the 2020 Newsletter Welcome! The Raptor Resource Project had an interesting and rewarding year despite the Covid-19 pandemic. While it turned our human families and routines upside down, things didn’t change much for the raptor families that we watch. On reflection, much of what affects us might not raise a feather in the natural world. But much of what we do has serious consequences for the wildlife around us. Our mission of education, stewardship,

2020 Newsletter: Education Update

Teaching with Eagles

By Lori Carnes The Raptor Resource Project launched a sister website, www.raptorresource.education, to provide educator-crafted learning materials for students of all ages. Educators can remix lesson plans or share them as they are. We have 35 lessons right now, including 11 Google Classroom-ready lessons, and are adding more. How did I find the time to teach about bald eagles? Many of our lessons don’t teach bald eagles, but teach core concepts through bald eagles. When I taught collective nouns, I

2020 Newsletter, Project Spotlight: Camera Work!

Amy paints the new camera mounts at N1

The Raptor Resource Project installs cameras in September. This year, we replaced three cameras and two microphones at N2B, two cameras and one microphone at N1, and one camera and two microphones at Decorah North. We also cleaned the cameras we didn’t replace, did some trimming in and around the nests, covered the cables at N1, worked with a videographer to collect footage for educational videos, and purchased a new computer for 4K video processing in Decorah. Why do we