2020 Newsletter: Education Update

By Lori Carnes

The Raptor Resource Project launched a sister website, www.raptorresource.education, to provide educator-crafted learning materials for students of all ages. Educators can remix lesson plans or share them as they are. We have 35 lessons right now, including 11 Google Classroom-ready lessons, and are adding more.

How did I find the time to teach about bald eagles? Many of our lessons don’t teach bald eagles, but teach core concepts through bald eagles. When I taught collective nouns, I used the examples in this lesson plan to teach students about a communal roost, a convocation, and a kettle. They added the collective nouns to their eagle journals, along with a definition, sketch, and label for each part of speech. I also taught writing through the eagles. There were no reluctant writers when my students formed opinions about what they thought the eagles were thinking and doing. Using a high-interest topic like bald eagles leads to greater in-depth learning. You can visit the website or watch the video below to learn more about teaching with our lesson plans.