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Celebrating Dad Decorah

Dad Decorah Shirt Image

Written by John Howe First – I’d like to announce that we have designed a commemorative shirt in honor of Dad Decorah. You can take a look at this link:https://www.bonfire.com/decorah-dad/ We hope you like it as much as we do and wear it with pride and in honor of a bald eagle that has touched the hearts and minds of so many. Dad Decorah is pictured on the shirt with D29, D30, and D31 – his last offspring in the

Announcement about Dad Decorah

Dad Decorah. Photo by Robin Brumm

It has been eight days since we last saw Dad Decorah – eight days of searching, observing, communicating, worrying, and shedding tears. Eight days of talking to our board, our volunteers, and our eagle panel, coordinating activities, planning for Dad’s loss or recovery, and thinking back on Bob and the wonderful educational and research adventure that he created. Eight days of desperately wishing that Dad would return and make the world of the Decorah Eagles right again. In the words

From John Howe: A message regarding Dad Decorah

The couple that launched the wildlife streaming revolution. Mom & Dad on Dad's last day in April of 2018

I’d like to start this message to you all with my own acknowledgement of admiration for Dad Decorah, who has captivated the hearts and minds of so many. For over 10 years, he has served as the subject of enjoyment, education, and wonder for millions of people, while being an eagle partner to Mom Decorah and Dad to many eaglets. It is amazing to think that after the successful fledge of D29, D30 and D31, he will have brought so