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Oh poop shoot!

April 16, 2018: Poop Shoot!

Oh poop shoot! As the eaglets get stronger and more coordinated, they begin to paint the nest and crib rails white with slices, splashes, and stripes of poop. But sometimes parents – DNF in this case – get in the way! DN16 does its very best to shoot poop out of the nest, but hits DNF instead. Wonderful moments like this inevitably lead to questions like “What is bird poop?” and “What do eagle Moms and Dads think about this?”.

Monday Morning North Milestones and Eaglet Movie Marathon!

Sibling love! DN15 (right) gives DN16 an adorable wing hug.

We have your Monday morning North milestones and movie marathon! The Decorah North eaglets turn 16 and 15 days old today. While the wet, chilly weather put a damper on nestploration in their second week, we thrilled to several milestones, including a first fish tail (DN15), a first pellet cast (after the fish tail), emerging thermal down, and huge cropzillas on both eaglets! Pellet Casting Why is pellet casting a big deal? Eagle parents feed their hatchlings ‘baby food’ –

Decorah North Eaglet Update

April 5, 2022: DN16 and DN15

Today DN15 turned ten days old and DN16 turned nine days old! Although the weather has been a little chilly for adventuring, the two are already beginning to sport some thermal down (it is most visible on DN15 right now) and are eagerly eating everything Mom and Dad bring in. We’ve seen plenty of fish, cowghetti, a rabbit, a chipmunk, and a few red meat UFO’s. What’s on the menu? Sometimes only the eagles know! Who feeds more and how

Eaglet Growth and Development: Week One

March 26, 2021: DN13 eats breakfast!

We’re writing a series of blogs about the first few weeks of an eaglet’s life. An eaglet spends roughly 75 to 80 days in the nest. For about the first half, it grows and gains weight. For about the second half, it grows flight feathers and starts developing the skills it will need post-fledge. We will focus on week one in this blog. What can we expect in the first week following hatching? Like humans, growing eaglets have developmental milestones.

April 7, 2021: Clown Clompers and Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

April 7, 2021: DN13's New Clown Clompers!

Do you like eaglet clown clompers? We love them! DN13 and DN14 seem to have gone from little dandelion bobbleheads to great big clown clompers almost over night. Their gray wooly thermal down is coming in, their little wings are sporting feather fringes, and they are flexing their rapidly growing feet and tiny talons. Motoring is limited to crawling, but they manage to explore outside the nest cup and find new places to hike outside the confines of the parental

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