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Bald Eagle Conservation and Recovery in the United States

Posters from the first Earth Day

I thought I would write a little bit about Bald Eagle conservation and recovery in the United States. I think most of our followers are aware of the eagle’s close brush with extinction due to DDT, but that was not the first narrow escape for America’s national bird. While John James Audubon is celebrated as an artist, naturalist, and ornithologist, he was no friend to the bald eagle, or raptors in general. In the 1830’s, Audubon accused bald eagles of

Birds Threatened By Proposed Rollback Of Endangered Species Act Protections

Michelle at Great Spirit Bluff

The U.S. Department of the Interior is currently proposing to roll back endangered and threatened species protections in three critical areas. Their changes will roll back habitat protection for endangered and threatened species, allow take of threatened species, and weaken the role that biological assessment and science play in listing decisions. The public has until September 24 to comment on these changes. We’ve put together a blog on the proposed changes, their impact, and how to comment. You can find