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January 26, 2023: Our first Golden Eagle of the season!

January 26, 2023: Dave Kester and a subadult Golden Eagle. Jeff Worrell caught our first GOEA of this season.

Jeff Worrell and the rest of our Golden Eagle trapping team caught an eagle today! I loved our banding master’s response so much that I had to share these photos. We’ll post more information tomorrow. From David Kester: “It was a big day for Jeff Worrell and Brett Mandernack, RRP’s golden eagle project leads. There is a small population of golden eagles that winter in the Driftless/Coulee region. We place GPS solar-powered transmitters on them and track them to see

Golden Eagle Trapping in The Driftless

Collecting data: Brett Mandernack measures a Golden Eagle's tarsus.

By RRP Director John Howe The Raptor Resource Project began a Golden Eagle research study in January of 2022. We are monitoring wintering Golden Eagles in the Driftless Area to learn more about their movement on their winter and summer range with potential nest locations, seasonal migration patterns and timing, and route fidelity. Research is being conducted under the guidance and permits of RRP’s Jeff Worrell, former director of the National Eagle Center, and raptor biologist Brett Mandernack. This year