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April 30, 2021: The Decorah Eagles at N3

April 30, 2021: D37, D38, and D39 at N3 in Decorah

The Decorah Eagles are doing wonderfully over at N3! Thanks to Iver Burl for the videos and news – it is great to see them! April 30, 2021: New Nest Decorah Eaglets, midmorning: https://youtu.be/ml1tRkX6ZaI. April 30, 2021: New nest Decorah Eagles, parents on watch: https://youtu.be/6M14Y2fl8q4. You can count three little heads (D37, D38, and D39) in the midmorning video and a nice look at a P – I think it’s DM2, but the eagle never turns its head! – in