April 30, 2021: The Decorah Eagles at N3

The Decorah Eagles are doing wonderfully over at N3! Thanks to Iver Burl for the videos and news – it is great to see them!
April 30, 2021: New Nest Decorah Eaglets, midmorning: https://youtu.be/ml1tRkX6ZaI.

April 30, 2021: New nest Decorah Eagles, parents on watch:

You can count three little heads (D37, D38, and D39) in the midmorning video and a nice look at a P – I think it’s DM2, but the eagle never turns its head! – in the parent on watch video. We think that the eaglets started hatching on or around April 4, which would make the oldest eaglet right around 28 days old. We can see white mohawks, warbling, pinfeathers (37 seconds and 1:15), and poop painting on the branches!