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February 6, 2022: Superb-Owl Sunday!

February 6, 2022: Superb-owl Sunday

The Super Bowl kicks off next Sunday, but Superb-Owls kept us glued to the screen on February 6th! I especially liked getting to hear vocalizations. Like bald eagles, snowy owls vocalize in the egg, although female owls don’t appear to vocalize back and we don’t know whether siblings hear one another. A snowy owl’s vocal array includes food begging, hooting, barking, grunting, screaming, whistling, and twittering. I believe this owl is giving the territorial screaming display described by David Evans

Snowy Owl FAQs and Information

January 8, 2022: A Snowy Owl on the Flyway.

By Karla Bloem, Executive Director, International Owl Center Owls are a varied group of birds. Some species are normally resident on their territories year-round (like Great Horned Owls and Barred Owls), some species are more or less migratory (like Northern Saw-whet Owls), some are nomadic, wandering around and settling where the food is (like Short-eared Owls), and some are irruptive, where a bunch show up in random years (like Snowy Owls and Great Gray Owls.) Why are Snowy Owls showing

Snowy Owls on the Flyway!

January 6, 2022: Two snowy owls on the Flyway!

We were beyond thrilled to see Snowy Owls on the Flyway in early January. What are they doing here, so far from their arctic home? We think that their irruptions are linked to food availability and successful breeding. Snowy owls prey heavily on lemmings, a stocky, stump-tailed rodent that might be abundant one year and almost impossible to find the next. A good lemming year is usually an excellent year for snowy owl production, which means a lot of competition