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March 9, 2021: Territorial Battle At Great Spirit Bluff

March 9, 2021: Territorial battle at Great Spirit Bluff

On March 9 at about 6:37am central time, GSB watchers witnessed a peregrine falcon territorial battle. Resident female Nova came back after a three-day absence and drove interloper Nina away. After ousting Nina, Nova copulated with Newman and disappeared again. Are the falcons okay? Neither falcon appeared to have been seriously injured in the fight. We zoomed in on Nova’s eyes – our primary concern – and they appeared to be fine. Either Nina or Nova could come back to

Dr. Laura on Mom’s Eye

January 29, 2020: Mom's eye up close

Thanks to our camera operators’ diligent work and John’s high-powered cameras, we got some excellent photos of Mom’s right eye today! We forwarded them to Dr. Laura, who said: I think that what we are seeing is a scar on the cornea; the cornea becomes opaque instead of clear when it’s been damaged. It does appear slightly raised, which is a bit unusual, so she could also have a foreign object (a small piece of bark, a stick, a grass

Nestflix: Decorah Eagles, Mom’s Eye

January 25, 2020: Mom's right eye

We’ll do a full video roundup tomorrow, but we wanted to share a couple videos from earlier today. We don’t get any close-ups of Mom’s eye, but she is keeping it open a little more than she has been and dragging DM2 all around the nest to boot! Her eye is still sore, but it isn’t discolored, visibly damaged, or leaking fluid.¬†While time will tell, we are hopeful that she is on the mend! Decorah Eagles 1/27/20: Mom returns w/stick,

January 23, 2020: Mom’s Eye

January 23, 2020: Mom closes her eyes

Everyone is concerned about Mom Decorah’s right eye. On January 20th, sharp-eyed watchers let us know that she was keeping her right eye mostly or completely shut. We saw it as well, but didn’t know what was going on. Mom’s eye wasn’t bloody and she was acting like a normal territorial adult eagle. Some rabbit fur lodged in the upper outside corner of her right eye on January 14 and ice appeared to be accumulating on her ‘eyelashes’ or rimal

Falcon Carson jumps at Great Spirit Bluff

Carson, the remaining falcon at Great Spirit Bluff, jumped from his nest box this afternoon. He was 30 days old, or roughly eight days younger than the youngest age we might expect fledge. Although we treated the box and had a fan blowing, we think the black flies probably became overwhelming, causing him to bolt. He landed in the brush and appears to be fine. We’ve seen Michelle and Newman take care of young below the bluff previously, so we’re

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