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What are those weeds growing in the Decorah North Nest?

Decorah North Hemp

By Sherri Elliott These eagle farmers never stop throwing out surprises to keep us guessing and/or entertained. You might recall in July 2017 we watched a cornstalk grow in the nest, and at camera maintenance time we harvested the stalk and one ear of corn that had formed. This year, apparently it’s wild hemp that is growing in the rail windowboxes. Iowa is known for its corn crops but in 1943, Iowa grew nearly 48,000 acres of industrial hemp fiber

Six Eggs at Xcel Energy’s Sherco Plant?

Six falcon eggs at Xcel's Sherco Plant

A falcon on six eggs? That is what we appear to have at Xcel Energy’s Sherco plant in Becker, Minnesota! The first four eggs laid here were fully pigmented, but the last two are lighter in color and easily identifiable. A few possibilities: The falcon is incubating four eggs laid this spring and two eggs laid last spring. Last year’s resident falcon laid four eggs, but none of them hatched. Two of them appeared to have survived the winter and

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