March 9, 2022: Two Canada geese at N2B

Two Canada Geese showed up at N2Bon March 9 for a long round of nest testing! If these are ‘the regulars’, they usually nest up on hatchery rock. So what were they doing in an eagle’s nest? Canada geese use abandoned nests and hatchling geese of many species make a leap of faith from their natal nest to the ground. If Mom and DM2 aren’t going to nest here, we’d love to see the geese take it – their behavior absolutely reminded me of Mom and DM2 defending their nest.

Remember Wild Kingdom? I thought that Omaha must be a state, because surely a city couldn’t have such a magnificent show! Walk with us down memory lane to a place where geese nest in trees! Curious about the difference between altricial eaglets and precocial goslings? We have a blog for that! A reporter asked us about the big Canada Goose leap. Canada goslings jump from trees, but their big leap is nothing compared to the Barnacle Goose:!

Have we seen this before? I was combing through our archives in search of goose-related material and came across this video from 2021:  Today wasn’t the first time that geese checked out N2B!