Dr. Laura on Mom’s Eye

January 29, 2020: Mom's eye up close

January 29, 2020: Mom’s eye up close. Sherri modified the cap to enlarge and lighten it.

Thanks to our camera operators’ diligent work and John’s high-powered cameras, we got some excellent photos of Mom’s right eye today! We forwarded them to Dr. Laura, who said:

I think that what we are seeing is a scar on the cornea; the cornea becomes opaque instead of clear when it’s been damaged. It does appear slightly raised, which is a bit unusual, so she could also have a foreign object (a small piece of bark, a stick, a grass seed, or some other object) in her eye. She may also have a granuloma on her cornea (a thick whitish tissue that is a bird’s response to infection). If it is a scar without a continued underlying foreign body or infection, it will gradually subside…but don’t expect that to happen quickly. I also think her eye looks more comfortable than we first saw the injury last week.

We truly appreciate Dr. Laura taking time out of her busy schedule to look at Mom’s eye and it is beyond wonderful to hear that she believes it is looking a little better! Please note that this is an educated observation under limited circumstances and not an official diagnosis. We have our talons crossed for Mom’s recovery. Go, Mom!

Sherri, Tulsa, and Camop Coqui sent us before and after images and videos of Mom’s eye. We’ve shared them below so that everyone can compare them.

Tulsa’s video shows Mom’s eye today.¬†Our camera operators and video makers worked very hard to keep us updated with videos and caps!

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