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The Neighborhood Watch: Alarm Calls

January 8, 2023: HM responds to the neighborhood crow watch with a warning of his own.

On Saturday of January 7, we watched HM and HD respond to alarm calls issued by the local neighborhood crow watch. Alarm calls convey information with pitch, volume, bandwidth, repetition, duration, inflection, and sound. Most of us are familiar with a chickadee’s ‘chick-a-dee-dee-dee’ alarm call: a social signal that tells other chickadees to rally in the vicinity of the predator – usually a perched bird of prey – and join in a chorus or mob of calling. The number of

Eagle Vocalizations: HD, HM, and Morning Song

Final duet: chirps, call and response, harmonizing

HD, HM, Mr. North, and DNF vocalize by using an organ unique to birds: the syrinx, a small two-sided structure that allows birds to make complex sounds. Both sides of a bird’s syrinx are equally capable of producing sound and can be used alone or in concert to sing two different notes simultaneously and complete broad sweeps in pitch quickly. While singing ability and song role varies widely from species to species, a bird generally produces sound by modifying the