Nestflix: Decorah and Decorah North

We have your Decorah and Decorah North NestFlix! I liked all of these, but I especially enjoyed ‘DM2 flies in with fish’ – a: I was surprised by a sucker in late February and b: Mom ignored fish? – and Mr. North’s efforts to shift DNF so he could incubate. As always, thanks so much to our camera operators and video makers for finding and sharing such special (and hilarious!) moments for us, and to you for watching, learning, sharing, and caring!

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Decorah Eagles
February 27, 2020: Mom's First Egg

February 27, 2020: Mom’s First Egg

February 27, 2020: DM2 flies in with fish and Mom D takes her time out Sometimes eagles are willing and ready to leave their warm, cozy nests for an incubation break. And sometimes they are not! DM2 brings in a sucker (interesting in and of itself – it is early for a sucker run). Mom initially looks like she doesn’t want to get up, but once she leaves, she leaves quickly – and without eating DM2’s gift! He moves over the lone egg, balling his feet and stepping carefully into the nestbowl before settling over the egg. He shimmies into place and gently settles on the egg.

February 27, 2020: Mom wakes up, gives a shake, repositions herself Mom wakes from what looks like a deep slumber, shakes herself, and settles back over her egg. Was she dreaming? Did she get too warm (signaling a need for egg cooling)? Or did her brain kick her out of sleep, as brains sometimes do? Whatever happened, I enjoyed this very brief look at Mom in the deep night.

Egg-laying videos

Decorah North Eagles
February 27, 2020: Mr. North dresses up DNF

February 27, 2020: Mr. North dresses up DNF

February 27, 2020: Intruder flew by It didn’t disrupt nest life, since eggs don’t need constant incubation. But watch for more interruptions – a very normal thing to see – as the North SuperFlyway heats up with spring migration!

February 27, 2020: Mr North will try anything to get on eggs Mr. North would like to incubate the eggs. DNF has no interest! He tries dressing her up in cornhusks, but it doesn’t work. He moves in and starts to fine-tune the nestbowl. Eventually she gets the hint and moves out, protesting a little bit.

February 26, 2020: Mr North and the Corn husk saga trying to get DNF off eggs The video opens with Mr. North dressing DNF in corn husks! She ignores him completely, apart from a few soft vocalizations. Sometimes eagles want to get off their eggs and sometimes they don’t! DNF clearly has no interest in leaving! You can watch another version here: