Happy Friday! Videos and News from around the nests!

TGI Fri-yay! We’re starting hatch watch at Decorah North today and we have videos from both Decorah nests to celebrate! I loved all of these videos, but I especially enjoyed rain on Mr. North’s feathers, Mom’s trip to the #selfcare spa this morning, and an extremely cool look at DM2 spreading his wings to protect his eggs from sleet and rain.

Right now, our nests look like this:

  • Decorah: 3 eggs. Hatch watch starts April 3
  • Decorah North: 2 eggs. Hatch watch starts today, March 27
  • Great Spirit Bluff: 1 egg
  • Dairyland Power Genoa: 3 eggs

Thank you to our camera operators and videomakers for finding and sharing such special moments, and to you for watching, learning, sharing, and especially for caring!

Decorah North Eagles
Mr. North at the North Nest

March 26, 2020: Mr. North at the North Nest

March 27, 2020: Change of shifthttps://youtu.be/cv8a7aoRYSc. A sleepy DNF startles as Mr. North comes into the nest for the morning shift change. Although it is dark, we can hear birds beginning to sing around them. She gets off the eggs fairly quickly, vocalizing softly as she does. She flies out and we hear her vocalizing as she goes. At about 15:46, something flies overhead – watch Mr. North watch it – and a small dark bird peals off rapidly towards the upper left. At 15:56, we hear DNF vocalizing. Mr. begins vocalizing back at 16:04, although he doesn’t leave the nest.

March 25, 2020: Peek at the eggs, close ups of Mr North feathershttps://youtu.be/kTG4FuqMpMw. Wow! We get a quick peek at the eggs and an incredible view of raindrops on Mr. North’s feathers. Our camera operators will be trying hard to catch hatch hints over the next couple of days and we encourage everyone to listen for Mr. North and DNF’s soft chirping as they talk to the emerging hatchlings. Altricial birds hatch unable to see, so eagle Moms and Dads begin the imprinting process via vocalizations.

March 25, 2020: Mr With Stick and He Stumbles Over DNFhttps://youtu.be/jCCJyIqjAtg. Be careful with that stick, Mr. North! Mr. North comes in with a wonky stick. He starts to move it, moving it across DNF’s back and stumbling over her as he focuses on his objective of proper stick placement! DNF is well-used to his habit of beginning his shift by draping her in husks and sticks, so she flies up to the babysitting branch. Stick placed, he assumes his turn on the eggs and she flies out for a babysitting break!

Decorah Eagles
March 26, 2020: Mom comes in for shift change in Decorah

March 26, 2020: Mom comes in for shift change in Decorah

March 26, 2020: 7pm Mom preens on the Yhttps://youtu.be/nosi9L3SAgI. Stop. Breathe. #SelfCare with Mom Decorah. As the sun rises, she takes the time to stretch, preen, and spend a little spa time on the Y-Branch. A lovely and very relaxing video!

March 25, 2020: DM2 spreads his wings, nice close-upshttps://youtu.be/snrEiVUbB6A. It’s a rainy, sleety day and DM2 puts up the poptent to keep his eggs warm and dry. This is quite cool – start watching at 48 seconds as DM2 spreads his wings slightly, lifting them high but keeping them folded back before slowly spreading them, keeping almost absolutely still otherwise. Closeups begin around 5:35. This is an excellent example of the lengths that eagle parents go to to care for their young.