Nest updates: Decorah

Was the baby fed today? Yes! D36 enjoyed a nice breakfish in bed in this morning. As Sherri pointed out, the youngest hatchling showed nice neck strength and strong legs yesterday as it lifted itself up with a determined push. We saw teensie pink toes + talons flexing between the bobbleheaded photobombers, while the tiny terror twins faced off over food more than once today! In a split second the slightest look, nudge, or other perceived offense can turn a peaceful moment into a beak-bonking, neck-biting, head-twisting grudge match…and D36 doesn’t always submit when the bonk fests begin. This behavior builds on instinctive raptor behaviors to strengthen little muscles, improve coordination, and establish nest relationships.

We also got to see the eaglets’ first brief home-alone time today when Mom briefly left the nest. The three alternately huddled and looked out over the edge of the nest cup. Although they aren’t quite experienced enough to focus well, it was fun to see them making sense of the world around them, and D34 quickly focused on Mom when she came back. At just a few days of age, the eaglets already know that parents = food! Speaking of food, DM2 is keeping the pan-tree well stocked with floppy suckers and somewhat stiffer trout. Eaglets increase their weight five times over in just seven days, which takes a lot of food!

Curious about eaglet growth and development in the first week? We’ve got a blog for that! You can also follow this link for all of the development and growth blogs on our website:

And now…your Decorah nestflix!

Decorah Eagles
April 9, 2020: D36, D34, and D35

April 9, 2020: D36, D34, and D35

April 9, 2020: 3 Bobbleheads for breakfast This video starts out with a beakbiting battle between D36 and D34, while D35 stays out of the fray. Mom offers bites to both. At 1:19, D35 appears to run into trouble. Mom pulls the offending tidbit out of the eaglet’s mouth and swallows it herself! At 4:31, D36 periscope popups from between its older siblings, although it doesn’t get up in time for a feeding. Fortunately, it enjoyed an early breakfish in bed this morning!

April 9, 2020: D36 eats breakfast in bed Mom expertly stuffs three little beaks this morning as D36 gets its first meal and everybirdie behaves nicely.

April 9, 2020: DM2s Priceless Reaction to A Fish Flopping Behind Him I feel a little bad for laughing at DM2 – he has been such a wonderful provider – but this is a very funny video! DM2 is bringing suckers to the nest. Unlike trout flushed from the hatchery, these fish, which are just beginning to spawn right now, are very fresh – to the point of flopping! One of them startles DM2. He looks all around but can’t quite figure out what surprised him!