Decorah Eagles: Week One

We tried to capture a few highlights of D36’s first week for everyone to enjoy! While D34, D35, and D36 ate, beak-bickered, and grew, Mom and DM2 hauled in fish after fish in their flying fish carts, chased away intruders, and kept little mouths stuffed. Did you notice Mom and DM2’s high sits and shimmy squashes? The eaglets are busy down poking, prodding, and popping down in the Romper Room beneath their brooding parents! See the woolly down patterning on D34 and D35? The two are are growing their grey flannel suits, aka thermal down, and D35 is sporting a nice cropzilla to boot! Little egg teeth are beginning to wear away, legs and footpads are turning yellow, and clown clompers are growing at a fantastic rate! If the weather were warmer, we’d almost certainly have one or two eaglet explorers, but the tiny terror triple threat spent most of today down in the nestbowl and out of the north wind.

DM2 is doing a great job keeping the pantree stocked and everyone is eating well, with seven feedings so far today! We had a nice chance to observe the eaglets when DM2 took a little personal time out on the Skywalk, and we can confirm that they are growing like weeds! Of course, they need a lot of food to sustain their incredible growth rates and all that food results in a whole lot of eaglet poop. Over the next seven to seven to ten days, we’ll see little slices go to big spatters on the crib rails and poopcasso tree as the eaglets get better at sitting up, bending over, and shooting poop out of the nest…or at a parent who accidentally ended up in the line of fire!

We hope you enjoy the videos as much as we did! Thanks as always to our camera operators for finding special moments, to our video makers for sharing them, and to you for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring!

April 15, 2020:
Eaglets catching some rays –
DM2 returns, watches, then broods –

April 14, 2020:
Two For The Triplets! DM2 Feeds D36!
Cuteness from Down Under:
First Tandem Feeding This Year: