Back on the Confusion Couch with Mom and DM2!

This year’s season of ‘As the Nest Turns: Decorah’ opened with Mom and DM2 spending a surprising amount of time near N2B. We saw copulation on the Y-branch on December 1, Mom on M2, N2B, and the Skywalk on December 2, Mom on N1 and the Y-branch on December 3, an unknown adult eagle – perhaps DM2? – perched up above the Skywalk on December 5, Mom and DM2 preening in the pine trees near the hatchery building, also on December 5, and Mom and DM2 seeming to settle in near N2B on the evening of December 5. It’s been so much fun to see them even we are watching them from the Confusion Couch. It’s a good thing we upgraded to make more room!

Could Mom and DM2 be considering a move back to N1 or N2B? I’d feel a little more comfortable if I saw either one flying in with sticks or grass. There are an awful lot of eagles in the Decorah area right now, which makes us wonder if the two are splitting their time between N3 and the hatchery to make sure visitors know that both nests are spoken for. But cross your talons and make a wish – we would love to see them come back!

December 6, 2021: Mom & DM2 spent Sunday night near N2B –
December 6, 2021: Mom sneezed and then she left – Gesundsnite!
December 5, 2021: Mom, DM2 home for the night, maybe? –
December 5, 2021: Good morning in the nest tree!
December 3, 2021: Morning with Mom –
December 2, 2021: Mom to N2B, Skywalk –
December 1, 2021: Mom catches fish, copulation on the Y –