Egg #2 at the North Nest!

Congratulations to Mr. North and DNF! DNF laid egg #2 at 4:15 PM CT today. We don’t anticipate more eggs, since DNF has laid two eggs every year since she paired with Mr. North back in 2019. The first eaglet to hatch this year will be DN15: look for hatch around March 25th!

Egg #2 for DNF, laid at at 4:15 PM CT today.

Egg #2 for DNF, laid at at 4:15 PM CT today

I’m always fascinated by egg laying. It looks hard – DNF, Mom, and Mrs. North all hunch up, vocalize softly, and erect their feathers as powerful contractions push their eggs out. But they recover pretty quickly, since it is usually just a couple of minutes between the end of egg labor and female eagles settling back into the nest. I also love how deeply they slumber after egg laying and want to know more about eagle sleep: I think that post-laying incubatory sleep might be the deepest slumber in an eagle’s life. Do eagles dream? We think that they do:

Sweet Eagle Dreams to DNF and to all of you – thank you so much for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring! 😍🦅