News and NestFlix from Decorah and Decorah North

What’s going on at DNN and Decorah? At Decorah North, DN15 turns 101 days old and DN16 turns 100 days old. As hard as it is to believe, DN15 has been on the wing for 24 days – almost a month! – and DN16 has been on the wing for 16 days. Both of them are becoming strong, proficient flyers, although the place, be it log, nest, or branch, still looks like a wrestling ring every time DNF or Mr. North drop off food.
If DN15 and DN16 follow the same pattern as the fledglings from Decorah, they should begin expanding their travels within the next two weeks or so. Most of the eagles we tracked didn’t go further than a mile from their natal nests in their first month of flight. With very few exceptions – D1, for example – they started slowly expanding their flights as they improved their flight and navigation skills. The world is a big place for a newly fledged eaglet: and some challenges, like red-winged blackbirds, aren’t always easy to cope with!

In Decorah, Hatchery Mom and Hatchery Dad (HM and HD) are continuing to thrill us all with nestorations, misty morning perching, trout breakfish, and even a wonky stick or too. Our talons are crossed for next spring!

Thanks so much to our camera operators and videomakers for finding such special moments and to all of you for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring! Looking for information about our After The Fledge party in Decorah? Follow this link: We hope to see you there!

Decorah North Nest

July 4, 2022: DN16 and a red-winged blackbird And a bonus rain dance, too! Rain drops pop and hiss as a red-winged blackbird pesters DN16, diving and striking at her while she perches – and dances, just a little bit! – in the rain.

July 4, 2022: Eaglet yoga DN16 and DN15 are perched on the left side perch. At 1:46, DN16 moves in for a little nibble and the two vocalize. Look for eagle yoga at 3:46.

Decorah Trout Hatchery Eagles
July 5, 2022: HD (Hatchery Dad) and HM (Hatchery Mom discuss nestorations at N1!

July 5, 2022: HD (Hatchery Dad) and HM (Hatchery Mom) discuss nestorations at N1!

July 4, 2022: HM brings a wonky stick to the nest The soft, lovely IR light puts me in mind of a sumi-e painting as HM – hatchery Mom – brings a wonky stick to the nest. Long-time watchers will remember that Mom Decorah also specialized in wonky sticks. Although they are hard to place, they help tie the nest together by locking other sticks into place. She gets the stick where she wants it and hop-flaps out to perch on the Y.

July 4, 2022: HD eats breakfish HD (Hatchery Dad) enjoys some very fresh trout sushi on a lovely 4th of July morning in Decorah.