News from the Nests: Videos from Decorah, Decorah North, and Great Spirit Bluff!

Thank you to everyone who joined us to watch our Decorah North and Decorah Eagle streams on Saturday! HD and HM were very busy with nestorations yesterday morning, while Mr. North and DNF put in a brief appearance on Sunday. We’ve seen interloping adults at both sites and eagles are starting to stack up on Eagle Island, so stay tuned – we’ll be seeing a lot more eagles in the weeks to come!
As always, thanks to our camera operators and videomakers for findng and sharing such special moments, and to all of you for watching, sharing, learning, and especially for caring. It’s great to be back and we love seeing the Decorah and Decorah North eagles again!

Decorah Eagles

October 10, 2022: Stick delivery, nest fit testing, nestorations HD and HM are busy with nestorations: delivering sticks, testing the nest, playing stick tango, and in HM’s case, whittling at a tree branch much like Dad used to do! This video opens with a lovely look at them on the Y. HD leaves at 52 seconds and flies off over the field to warn another eagle away. Task accomplished, he joins HM in the bowl, dropping in on her with a stick. Stick tango ensues as HM tries to take the stick away for proper placement. He eventually acquiesces and picks another stick to work on. Look for a little nibbling at 4:5, continued stick work throughout, and a very nice nest bowl test at 12:07. Given their early start, we’re curious to see how high they build this season.

Looking for more of HM and HD? This video by Tulsaducati has some of the same footage but opens with a beautiful sunrise and a cool look at the nest from our new camera:

October 10, 2022: The stick that got away Pesky sticks…always fledging! A stick escapes from HD’s grasp. I love how he tracks it as it crashes to the ground! Listen and you’ll here it hit branches on the way down. Look out below!

Decorah North Eagles
October 9, 2022: DNF at the North nest.

October 9, 2022: DNF at the North nest.

October 9, 2022: Mr. North and DNF Mr. North and DNF don’t normally begin nestorations until mid-to-late October. It was good to see them both near the nest today. We hope they approve of our work!

Great Spirit Bluff Falcons

October 5, 2022: Falcon yoga A beautiful falcon in a beautiful place!