April 3, 2023: What are we looking forward to this week?

Hatch at N1

We’re on hatch watch in Decorah! Our best guesstimate date is April 4th, but hatch is a process, not a single event. Remember to look for a pip – starring, cracks, or holes that indicate hatch is imminent – towards the blunt side of the egg, not the pointed side. While you wait for the eggs to hatch, you can watch the horses! The first eaglet to hatch will be DH1.

Reclutch at Decorah North?

Will the Decorah North eagles reclutch? Their lone egg broke on March 21st, which caused Mr. North to shift back into courtship behavior. Reclutching tends to take about three weeks, which means we could see the first egg of a second clutch on or around April 11. This week, we’re watching for bonding behaviors to ramp up! Our volunteers documented four copulations and several rounds of nestorations over the weekend. The intruders that disrupted DNF’s first nesting attempt appear to have moved on.

More eggs at Great Spirit Bluff!

Savanna laid egg #2 on April 1 at 4:35 AM. She may lay another one today or tomorrow and a fourth (and probably last) egg on Wednesday or Thursday. Why isn’t she sitting on her eggs yet? Falcons don’t typically begin full incubation until the penultimate egg is laid. She has been sitting on or hovering over her eggs at night and will sometimes incubate during the day.

April 1, 2023: A second egg for Savanna!

April 1, 2023: A second egg for Savanna!

A bird-a-palooza on the Flyway!

We’re just coming into peak spring migration season on the Flyway! While we won’t see all of these migrants, water and shore birds might make a quick stop to tank up on and around cam island! We’re seeing a lot of pelicans and ducks this morning.

April 3, 2023: Pelicans and ducks on the Flyway

April 3, 2023: Pelicans and ducks on the Flyway

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