July 2, 2023 – DH2 Found … Safe and Sound

By Darlene and Glenn Miller

Any faithful Decorah Eagle follower would probably agree that fledge time can be one of the most worrisome times for us humans. After watching for the last 86 days or so we have seen this fledgling hatch, grow, thrive, and survive the challenges of everyday Eagle life to get to the point where she is now … ready to take wing and explore beyond the confines of her nest tree. (We’re not sure of the gender, its just our opinion that its a female but we could be wrong.) We have all been wondering and watching to see if she returns to the nest for some much needed feeding.

July 2, 2023: DH2! Photo by Glenn and Darlene Miller.

July 2, 2023: DH2! Photo by Glenn and Darlene Miller.

Well, the wait is over and we have good news to report. DH2 was located this morning at about 8:00 AM in the pine trees near the back of the hatchery property. We had been in Decorah all week waiting to see the fledge and, in spite being on site over 12 hours a day, missed the big event. So we have been searching ever since. This morning, at that hour, there was almost no human activity at the hatchery. At least one parent had been at the nest before we arrived and sounded a peal call for her. But she did not return to the nest and the parent eventually left. The only sounds were coming from a murder of crows in the back of the hatchery. That was a clue worth investigating. DH2 was found perched very regally in one of the pine trees there. The crows were squawking up a storm and they eventually chased her out of the tree. She flew westward, and amazingly well for a newbie. The crows seemed to give up the chase about half way to the cow pasture next door. DH2 appeared to land in the field just before a tree line near that property. She looks strong and obviously capable of moving about wherever she wants to go.

~ Darlene and Glenn Miller