2023 RRP Highlights: Mr. North Cares for the Norths’ Lone Egg

We’re looking back on 2023’s favorite things! Chat moderator EagleEye wrote: “My favorite was Mr. North’s sheer determination and devotion to that egg. He is such a great example. Even though the season didn’t turn out like we hoped, he was a shining light.” If one eagle could have brought an egg to hatch, Mr. North would have done it.

What happened? Between February 20 and March 12, we documented at least five adult and subadult intruders at the North nest on 11 out of 20 days. They followed Mr. North to the nest, perched in nearby trees, flew by the nest, attempted to steal food, and generally disturbed nesting activities. On February 23 – the day that DNF would normally have laid her second egg – she appeared to spend much of the day chasing intruders away. An unusual combination of warm weather and heavy snow cover had eagles stacked up in the North Valley when DNF and Mr. North were most vulnerable to intrusion. We’re hoping for a better season in 2024.

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