Detangling a gosling in Decorah!

We were getting questions about an injured gosling, so Raptor Resource Project Master Bander David Kester went to check it out. He wrote:

“The gosling was from a family unit that has the largest number of young and it was also the youngest. It could not walk and was separated from its clan. I netted the gosling and discovered that fishing line was wrapped around both legs. With the help of eagle (and gosling!) fan Lu Powers, I cut the line away. I placed the gosling back with its family and they all promptly went into the pond. When I checked the next morning, it was still limping a little bit, but could keep up with its family – something it hadn’t been able to do the day before. I’ll keep monitoring it.”

Thanks to Dave for the help! We know that fish can snap line, making it impossible to recover. But if you see line someplace it can be reached, do wildlife a favor and throw it away. 🐥🦆🦅