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Decorah Eagles: Who was that?

January 15, 2020: Intruder in Decorah

Who was the intruder in Decorah today? Here’s what we know (and it isn’t much): an intruder visited N2B. She (we think it was a ‘she’ based on facial features) gobbled down frozen nestovers that she dug from the snow and ice at the bottom of the nest. After about twelve minutes, Mom or DM2 chased her away. Intruder at N2B Watchers are concerned about Mom and DM2’s late response to the intruder. Are they serious about defending their territory?

Thoughts on the Sub-Adult Intruder at DNN

Intruder at Decorah North Nest

We had an intruder at the Decorah North Nest on March 13th. While Dad was in the nest incubating the pair’s single egg, a roughly four-year old female eagle perched on a limb right next to the nest tree. He responded by covering the egg, softly vocalizing, and ruffling his feathers. The whole encounter lasted about fourteen minutes. I approached two eagle experts about the encounter and received some fascinating information and feedback. To learn more, follow this link: http://raptorresource.blogspot.com/2016/03/thoughts-on-sub-adult-nest-intruder.html