2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #10: Who’s Mom’s beau? It’s DM2!

We asked all of our volunteers about their favorite moments this season. What made them happy or sad? What were moments they treasured? Pelmomma, Oregonian, Tulsa, Jf, Shelliott, and Bus fondly recalled DM2’s return.

October 17, 2019: DM2

October 19, 2019: DM2

Remember wondering where he took his eagle-cation? Chewing your nails over whether he’d come back? Crossing your talons that everything would work out? We started streaming on October 14: just in time to get a nice look at Mom and another eagle roosting on the Skywalk: https://youtu.be/frdHMakyoOU. On October 19, a camera operator was able to get up close and personal with the eagle’s left iris and capture his distinctive eye fleck. His distinctive head and facial features and his behavior with Mom around the nest ID’d him as DM2. We were all so happy he was back!

Who’s Mom’s beau? https://www.raptorresource.org/2019/10/21/who-is-moms-beau-its-dm2/

DM2 and Mom Together Again