2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #4: DM2 Feeds For The First Time

Remember wondering – and maybe worrying – whether DM2 would ever join Mom in feeding D32? We all cheered when DM2 finally took the plunge! Despite his presumed lack of experience, he carved off and fed a tiny morsel of fish to his very hungry little eaglet: perfect for D32’s age and ability!

Of course we blogged about it: https://www.raptorresource.org/2019/04/06/your-questions-answered-when-will-dm2-start-feeding/

We also blogged about eagle beaks and tongues! DM2’s first foray into feeding is more impressive than it looks, since DM2 had to make some decisions about what and how to feed D32 with nothing more than his beak and his instincts. As we’ve seen before, DM2 became even more proficient at feeding as the season passed – and of course the eaglets got better at eating!