July 16, 2020: Nestflix from Decorah and Decorah North!

Time to kick back with some Nestflix! Watchers are having a lot of fun trying to catch glimpses of the eaglets – D35 and D36 on the nest! D34 by the stream! DN12 chasing DNF along the streambank! I’m also enjoying the birdsong, especially at the North nest. Listen for fledglings – birds of many species are leaving their nests behind and you can hear them begging for food, chasing one another, chasing parents, and vocalizing. The great wheel of the year is turning and soon our DDD’s (and many other birds) will begin expanding their wanderings and preparing for autumn’s great journey south.

Decorah Eagles
July 13. 2020: D34 mantles an invisible fish

July 13. 2020: D34 mantles an invisible fish

July 14, 2020: Mom brings fish to N1, D34 gets it, moves to Yhttps://youtu.be/2CSLurA8eLQ. Mom brings a fish into N1. The teen pad may have shrunk since a sub-adult eagle fixed it up last year, but that doesn’t stop D34 from getting the fish! It mantles over the fish like a brown feathery parasol and finally relaxes enough to start eating around two-or-so minutes into the video. Once breakfish is done, D34 feaks its beak (I think that is what we are seeing!) and toys with a stick before hopping up to the Y-Branch. I love the view starting at 14:55 – and a nicely-fed D34 has a little chatting to do before the video ends!

July 13, 2020: D36 closeups in gorgeous lighthttps://youtu.be/CtPDsrK4cmg. Heart be still! D36 looks amazing! As he lounges in the nest, he is the very picture of a contented fledgling – stretching, preening, loafing, and resting his eyes. It makes me wish for a hammock, some nice breezes, and a cool drink!

July 13, 2020: Mom to the Y, N1, D34 arrives & mantles nothinghttps://youtu.be/db9vh5R7ySs. At 34 seconds – wow, just wow on the view! It’s a misty green morning in Decorah and Mom is hanging out on the Y. She looks absolutely spectacular against the green foliage and rising sun in the third minute. Video alternates, mostly showing Mom but sometimes cutting over to D34 at N2B. D34 drops in on Mom at 12:28. She quickly gets out of the way (watch your talons, Mom!) as D36 grabs and begins mantling an invisible fish! I love the footage starting at around 13:12 – D34 has its invisible fish and no one is going to take it!

Decorah North Eagles
July 13, 2020: DN12 in the rain

July 13, 2020: DN12 in the rain

July 14, 2020: DN12 tries to swallow raccoon pelthttps://youtu.be/1mDnUuLROJg. Fledging is hungry work! Mr. North and DNF are still providing some food for their fledgling, but DN12 isn’t beyond searching for and devouring nestovers before DNF flies in with a delicious fresh fish! DN12 immediately ditches the pelt and takes the fish.

How the tables have turned – we so often see DNF act the same way with Mr. North! In this case, she brings a fish and hands it over, while DN12 acts like she’s going to steal it! DNF flies out after handing over the fish – just as Mr. North so often does after giving a fish to her!

July 14, 2020: DN12 Away From Home Adventure Day 34https://youtu.be/btgdNKjA6To. This excellent series by Lizzie Eaglespirit features highlights from each day of DN12’s post-fledge life as the eaglet learns to fly, hunt, stalk, and steal! While this who video is enjoyable, do not miss the scene starting at 31:34! DN12 spots DNF by the creek and runs down the bank to steal a fish, which it brings to the nest and quickly devours. The dinosaur run is very funny!

July 13, 2020: Playful DN12 * Fish & Meat Courtesy Of Dadhttps://youtu.be/3htXBTkp1D0. From Luce: DN12 wakes up in a playful mood this morning, It arrives at the nest and begins playing with sticks. The webcam was in daylight mode but it reverted to IR night mode – possibly the light was not sufficient. Dad brings a large fish for breakfast and gets the usual welcome. DN12 hangs out at the nest for a while. Later on, Mr North brings a rodent (I must confess I am a little squeamish so did not investigate the nature of the creature). After the meal, DN12 remains on the nest tree for a while. All in all, a good day for the eaglet!