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Nest roundup and videos!

April 6, 2020: D34 and D35 in Decorah

We have a lot going on at our nests right now! Our nest round-up looks something like this: Decorah: D34 and D35 have hatched. We’re still waiting for the third egg, which was laid 32 days ago Decorah North: DN11 and DN12 are both six days old. DN11 explored outside the eggcup yesterday – a milestone in an eaglet’s life! We have four eggs at Great Spirit Bluff and are expecting hatch there on or around May 3rd. We also

NestFlix: Decorah, Decorah North

April 2, 2020: Feeding at Decorah North

Don’t forget to join us for the kick-off of hatch watch in Decorah today! RRP Director John Howe will be talking about incubation and hatch on our Decorah Eagle stream beginning at 1:30! You can listen here: and here: We look forward to seeing you! We have your morning cuteness overload from Decorah North and beautiful looks at beautiful eagles from Decorah, along with great video of DM2 fishing in the pond! As Sherri wrote: they are strong,

#Musings: Place, stories, and eagle intelligence.

November 7, 2017: Dad Decorah

Place, as writer Thom Van Dooren points out, can be understood as an embodied, lived, and meaningful environment. Bald eagles clearly have a sense of place. Their territories are woven with layers of attention, meaning, and experience: spots to hunt, perch, and hide from the weather, materials to build and replenish their nests, and mates and family to bond with and care for. Eagles have neighbors beyond counting – squirrels, mice, raccoon, rabbits, muskrat, mink, coyotes, deer, prairie dogs, trout,

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