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How long does it take a bald eagle to lay an egg?

An egg in cross section, modified from Romanoff and Romanoff, 1949

How long does it take a bald eagle to lay an egg? We think that female bald eagles begin laying eggs five to ten days after productive mating begins. In 2018 and 2019, Mom laid her first egg about eleven days after copulation went from casual to frequent…and very determined on Mom’s part.  We’ve often seen female eagles take the lead – beak-biting and footing their mates, loudly vocalizing their intentions, and mounting them! You don’t need to be a

2020 Chat Schedule!

Egg Calendar

Tick-tock egg clock! It’s almost time for eggs…which means it’s almost time for chat! Our schedule will be as follows: Decorah Eagles Main Chat: Current Schedule: Flash chat. Mods may open the room if something is going on, but we have no regularly scheduled chat. After the first egg, chat will be open from 8 to 10 AM, 1 to 3 PM, and 6 to 8 PM seven days weekly. All times US Central After the first hatch, chat will

Why do bald eagles lay eggs in ice and snow?

Egg-laying Map

Why do the Decorah and Decorah North eagles lay eggs in ice and snow? A lot of you – especially those of you who also watch the Florida eagles – are curious about bald eagle egg timing. Wouldn’t it be better to delay egg-laying until mid-March or early April? We’ll unpack the question by starting with a few facts. An Overview of Bald Eagle Nesting Bald eagles don’t all nest at the same time. In the southeastern United States, especially

Eagles, eagles, eagles: Nestflix from Decorah, Decorah North, and Fort St. Vrain

January 24, 2020: DM2's awesome wingspan

Love is in the air at Fort St. Vrain, Mr. North and DNF shovel snow, DM2 makes a brief visit to the nest, and Mom and DM2 perch on the maple. It was great to see them: happy Fri-yay, everyone! Decorah Eagles 1/24/20: Mom and DM2 perch on the maple – We know it’s winter. We know that eagles aren’t always active in the cold. We know that Mom can open her tender right eye and see well enough

Nestflix: Decorah and Decorah North

January 21, 2020: A Red-Bellied Woodpecker at Decorah North

We didn’t see much of the Decorah and Decorah North eagles today, but the temperature is rising, which could make them busier a little later this week. In the meantime, we have DM2’s brief visit to the nest and a nice look at Mr. North, DNF, and a hungry red-bellied woodpecker! Thanks to our camera operators and video makers for finding and sharing every detail, and to you for watching, learning, and caring! We hope you enjoy these videos as

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