2019 Memory Lane Countdown, #5: All The Birds Of The Flyway!

Did you watch with delight as Bald Eagles flew in and American White Pelicans flew out? Put your Audubon Field Guide by your computer? Make your whole family watch the Flyway cam on the living room TV? Did your heart soar with Sandhill Cranes? Did you laugh at the antics of ducks? We did all of those. I can’t pick a single moment at the Flyway, but it never failed to inspire me. We can make a difference for good!

This quiz celebrates some of the birds we saw on the Flyway! Test your bird ID skills and marvel at the variety of birds we saw here in 2019. Note:  The birds we see in fall are often molting into or in non-breeding plumage, which presents a real ID challenge to those of us who think of breeding plumage. I found Cornell’s website and my old-fashioned Audubon Field Guide to be very helpful when ID’ing flyway birds. If you haven’t watched the Flyway, check it out: https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/flyway-cam/

[HDquiz quiz = “363”]