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Greetings from Decorah!

July 3rd, 2019: Mom Decorah

Photo and story by Glenn & Darlene Miller We arrived in Decorah on June 22 and had no sightings of either Mom or DM2. It wasn’t until Tuesday, June 25 that we finally saw Mom and DM2 sitting on a dead tree far upstream west of N1 along Trout Run. It was great to see them together and especially to know that they are both continuing to stay in the area. On June 27 they both were sighted again on

June 25, 2019: Day Trip to Decorah

Photo of DM2 and Mom, credit Robin Brumm

Photos and Story by Robin Brumm. Thanks, Robin!  I had decided to go to Decorah on Tuesday to meet some friends. On Monday night as I set my alarm to get up at Dark O’clock, I was thinking about Mom Decorah. I kept saying over and over … please show up at the hatchery tomorrow … and, by the way, I think no matter what time you get up in the morning during the summertime, it is not completely dark,

Welcome Home Carson!

June 26: Peregrine falcon Carson returns to Great Spirit Bluff

Written by Sherri Elliott It’s been 16 days since Carson left the GSB peregrine falcon nest box. He returned home last night about 8:25PM CT with an amazing entrance and an impressive display of new Big Bird skills flying to the rocky cliff faces and mantling food delivered to the ledge by Mom Michelle! Kudos to our wonderful camera operators who have continually listened for vocals and zoomed in to all areas of the dense underbrush trying to get him

Identifying birds of prey in flight

Silhouettes of birds of prey in flight

Bald Eagle or Turkey Vulture? Is that a Peregrine Falcon or something else? Understanding body plans can be helpful in identifying soaring, stooping, and flying birds. Coming to our After the Fledge party in Decorah? Get ready for Turkey Vulture or Not with this article!  Bald eagles are soaring generalist hunters that eat almost anything they can catch. Peregrine falcons are energetic, acrobatic flyers that specialize in catching birds in the air. Both are birds of prey, but their body

Postcards from eaglets D27 and D24!

June 25, 2019: D27's map

Two eagles sent postcards this week! D27 is up in northwest Ontario near Sachigo Lake, about 725 miles from her natal nest. And after months of silence, D24 finally phoned home! He is located up near the Minnesota/Ontario border, about 348 miles north of his natal nest. This is the first time we have been able to document him away from NE IA since his northern excursion 2 years ago. Where will they go next? Stay tuned – and please,

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