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2018 Memory Lane Moment #6: Periscope Up!

12/28/18: American Kestrels - Periscope Up!

In 2018, we partnered with Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Neil Rettig Productions on a KestrelCam. The little kestrels were extremely funny to watch as the squabbled over food, played in the nest box, and interacted with one another. They were small but filled with boundless energy and more than willing to eat, or try to eat, food that was much larger (and longer) than they were! Although we liked everything about the kestrels, this was a favorite moment for

2018 Memory Lane North Eagles: Eagles, eagles, and more eagles!

December 23, 2018: Eagles and more Eagles at the Decorah North nest

The Decorah North eagles are living just inside a north/south wind-funnel of sorts that cuts through the hills and channels wind – and birds – for miles. Topography influences migration in many birds, including bald and golden eagles. Looking at the terrain, it is no surprise at all to see eagles congregating here – even if the Norths don’t exactly put out the welcome mat! Several of the Decorah North mods mentioned visitors when asked for their memorable moments on

2018 Memory Lane Decorah Eagles #3: Dad’s last day on the nest

Dad and Mom 2018

April 18, 2018: A heavy April snowstorm had Mom and Dad dual brooding the eaglets to protect them from the wet, heavy snow. You can watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/z9NOwMzej8A. All of our moderators brought this up. It was no one’s favorite, yet it was deeply treasured by everyone. Instead of an explanation, two comments that really touched me: “One of my favorite and most cherished moments was Mom and Dad Decorah on the nest, keeping the eaglets warm

2018 Memory Lane Decorah Eagles #2: Dad Feeds Mom

April 8, 2018: Dad feeds Mom

April 8, 2018: Dear Dad brings a big floppy fish, preps it in front of Mom, feeds her one bite, beak bites her and feeds her more while she sits. A priceless partnership! You can watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/hM0TMmYbFro Prey provisioning is an important part of eagle courtship. While both males and females incubate, females spend more time incubating eggs and brooding very young eaglets, so males need to be able to catch and share their prey with

2018 Memory Lane #1: Decorah Eagles Incubation Standoff

2018 Memory one: Incubation stand-off!

I went to our moderators and asked them for their favorite moments from our nests. They came back with all sorts of memories: touching, happy, sad, inspirational, and things I would never have thought of. We’ll be counting them down as we approach the new year! Moment #1: March 6th, 2018. Incubation stand-off! Full video here: https://youtu.be/jvuBEl6UI_4. It’s believed that female eagles incubate at night because their larger size makes them more cold-tolerant. Whatever the reason, Dad didn’t always want

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